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Beer & Bread in SE London


Despite the fact that we really pride ourselves on cooking with incredible Spanish produce, our charcuterie and cheese for instance are pretty mind blowing, we obviously also rely on our fresh produce to come from local London suppliers. Greenwich baker Paul Rhodes has been in our lives for many years now, as he was our bread supplier for Donostia Social Club and now supplies both Tapas Room venues and any outside events that DSC gets involved with.

Recent and well deserved winner of British Baker of the year Paul Rhodes has been recognised for the way the business has evolved with new ways of working. This is demonstrated by their recently launched new sourdoughs made with exclusively British heritage grains, that also helps sustain farmers in the UK. One of these new sourdoughs collaborates with Deptford Brewery, Villages.

VILLAGES SOUR "Also made with heritage wheat, this 1kg long loaf gets its distinctive taste from the addition of beer. We’ve teamed up with Villages Brewery in Deptford and are using its dark ale, Rafiki, to give the bread a ‘dark and intense’ flavour. Conscious of waste, we are also incorporating Villages’ spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process, into our dough – giving it a lovely ‘hoppy’ note."

Paul's Villages Sour is on our menu right now!! So come and try it, and after you've eaten at The Tapas Room, head down the road to Villages for a pint. Just to complete the circle! #collaboration #bread #beer #selondon

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