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Wines of Valencia.

Spotlight on Producers - Celler del Roure & Can' Leandro

As our regular customers know we are passionate about Spanish wine and take pride in maintaining a list that fully represents this country's rich culture of wine-making. In that vein we introduce you to Spains Eastern DO, Valencia and two of our producers located only a few miles apart, growing their vines from the same earth and with a shared respect for the traditional varieties and techniques of this region.

Valencia is casually referred to as the "Tuscany of Spain" due to its verdant landscape, Mediterranean climate, and long history of wine production. Like Tuscany and indeed many Mediterranean style regions, the production of wine, olive oil and food produce directly reflect the country's culture, attitude and respect for the land, it's proudly ingrained in the skin of its people and stands the test of time against modernity.

Our two producers are both strong advocates of reviving indigenous varieties that began to be lost due to changing trends and the ever-growing bulk production of the region.

Celler del Roure

If you are fascinated by wine making, as we are, then Celler del Roure is a perfect example of artisanal wine production. Tucked behind the Serra Grossa, at the top of the Alrorins-Alcusses valley, is the rural idyl of Celler del Roure, an estate developed by Pablo Calatuyud and his father to shine a light on a more ancient and authentic style of Valencian wine.

The discovery of a 500 year old cellar on the property, with ancient sunken amphoras or "tinajas", inspired the future production techniques for this winery. The use of tinajas is a traditional technique that has been used in the Valencian region for centuries. The vessels are known for their ability to regulate temperature and humidity, which can be beneficial for the wine during fermentation and aging. If you ever visit the winery you will see some disused, huge amphoras, toppled over on their sides, dotted about the landscape .

Led by this discovery the team now rehabilitate long-forgotten varieties such as Mando, Arcos and Verdil. Pablo describes the affinity of ancient grapes and amphora as nothing short of magical, ‘they need each other’ he explains. And indeed the wines made in this style are so fresh, unadulterated by any material other than the earth they came from.

The lasting impression of Celler del Roure is one of integration, into their landscape and history, producing relaxed, convincing wines with genuine excitement, pace and energy, that you just want to drink, share and go back for more.

We urge you to look out for these wines as they are very special. At The Tapas Room we are currently listing Vermell Garnacha by the bottle.

A rich and fruity style of wine with big red berry flavours, subtle spice, mouth watering acidity, smooth tannins and a long lasting finish. The with the gentle micro oxygenation making the juicy red fruit flavours linger on your palate.


Garnacha Tintorera 70%

Mandó 30%

Can' Leandro

Just a few miles away is the relatively new family business Can' Leandro.

Founded at the start of 2013 by Gabriel and Alberto Sanchis Mestre, transforming their family wine business to one focused on bottling their own wines from the local, traditional varieties. Situated near Ontinyent – a town mid-way between Valencia and Murcia, and 50km from the coast - they craft authentic wines with a modern profile from old Monastrell, Merseguera and Bonicaire vineyards that they have rejuvenated.

As with Celler del Roure this family business proudly rescue old indigenous vines such as Bonicaire, Merseguera and Monestrell.

"If it were only a matter of producing any old wine, I wouldn't do this. With my work I want to rescue the wine making history of Ontinyent, modernising it and giving it the importance it deserves, but without forgetting that I am here and I want to surprise people." Gabriel Sanchis

These wines are unique, adventurous and with stories to tell. At the Tapas Room you can find

La Vella - 2021, by the glass and bottle.

Aromas of tropical fruit with lightly herbal and nutty characters. The palate is elegant with peachy, stone fruit flavours, minerality, and fresh, rounded acidity giving an appealing texture and weight.


Predominantly Merseguera (80%) with some Malvasia and Tortosi

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