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Spotlight on our Producers .2.

Throughout February you can try 2 glasses of Ribero Del Duero for only £12 in all our venues.

This week, and as part of our celebration of Ribero Del Duero, we welcome you to

Bodegas Felix Callejo*.

* Winemakers of the year 2021 by Tim Akin MW

"We are a Family Winery, founded in 1989 by Félix Callejo. We are currently the second generation, Cristina, José Félix, Beatriz and Noelia Callejo who continue this exciting legacy."

"Our effort and dedication is to represent Sotillo de la Ribera, its soils, its landscape, and those unique places through the wines.”

"Our landscape is located in the village of Sotillo de la Ribera, province of Burgos, on the northern edge of the Duero river basin, in a privileged environment, due to its high altitude (830 – 930 m), where the moors of the highest areas, with limestone soils, give way as we follow the erosion of the valley, to gravel soils (old river beds), sandy areas in the pine area, and clays in the lower areas.

The winery comprises 27 vineyards distributed along the Sotillo de la Ribera profile and located in different places and different soils, forming a total of 54.8 Ha. The diversity of soils, orientations, altitudes and our respectful winery management, allows us to show our landscape through the varieties with which we work: Tinto Fino, Garnacha, Albillo Mayor and Merlot."


"The opportunity to work in other vineyards around the world has meant the beginning of a journey to our origin Sotillo de la Ribera, to look back at our ancestors and the vineyard when the wines were recognized by their village.

Since 2000, we have been working under the principles of organic farming: clean, respectful and lively viticulture for the soils. Respect in the vineyard continues in the winery, where we work by gravity and with the natural yeast present in the skin of the grape."

At The Tapas Room, you can try 2021 Flores de Callejo.

“The search for freshness, for the primary are the reasons that lead us to make Flores de Callejo. Our commitment to freshness is expressed in this wine, fruitiness, liveliness and purity of the most raw Tinto Fino”

Flores is the freshest and most primary expression of the Tinto Fino present in the village of Sotillo de la Ribera. It comes from clay-loam soils from our vineyards located between 830 and 850 m. altitude, fresh soils to show the funniest Tinto Fino.


Sotillo de la Ribera.


La Emilia, La Huelga, Astrales, Jaime and Sandelaisa.


Tinto Fino.


Clay loam soils.


830-850 m.


Manual harvest in individual boxes.




Natural yeast.


5 months between barrel and tank.

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