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Sherry Week 2020

2nd - 8th November

We love Sherry Week. An international party across the globe, where we are all simultaneously drinking the nutty nectar in one united !SALUD!

This year each of our venues will be offering sherry based treats for the entire week. We always have sherry on the menu of course, but this week we are really playing with tapas pairings, Sherry flights and tastings.

Here's what is in store from each of our venues. Always an idea to book in advance especially as our seating is obviously more limited at these times.

Check out our opening times and how to reserve a table HERE

And don't forget our little sister venue Taps + Tapas in Tooting Bec is also getting involved!

Eat Spain Drink Spain

We are very happy to be included in Food & Wines From Spain's Eat Spain, Drink Spain, a month long series of events nationwide that champion the wide range of premium wines and foods from Spain.

Participating venues will be showcasing their Spanish produce throughout November with offers, tastings and events, providing consumers with an array of tastes, flavours and dishes that will highlight the diverse range of produce from across Spain.

The Tapas Room has shelves crammed with produce and for this event we are encouraging some experimentation and exploration on your part. Our "Tote Surprise" bags are perfect to get you playing with produce in your own home, containing a bottle of wine, 3 deli items and one our classic recipes all in a branded tote bag.

Try something new for only £25! You can pre order these to collect via our Hamper Shop on the website or just grab one from any of our sites from Nov 1st.

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