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Say it with Tapas....and Wine.

Mention the word "Valentine" and we would usually pull up our drawbridge yelling "it's commercial nonsense invented by America!", simply to avoid the onset of a sugary nausea and deep routed "V day" insecurity; all an attempt to maintain our infallibly cool image.

This year however, we're throwing all that out of the paella pan and embracing February 14th with shameless gusto. This year above all years we need to show each other a special kind of love, whether it's the love of your life who has got you through the year or your flat mate who has endured those endless sourdough attempts and deserves a treat, but with the restaurants still closed, we may just have come up with the perfect solution.

Cooking at home kits have become the new eating out, we've certainly tried and tested a few and have had a lot of fun cooking at home, and hope you will too with our Valentine's Tapas & Wine at Home hosted by our friends at Battersea Spanish.

This isn't just a cook at home experience, you will also have the pleasure of cooking along live with Paul Belcher, chef and creator of The Tapas Room. Trust us, its going to be a riot!

Heres the deal, you have two options:

1.Collect (from Deptford or Battersea) our luxury Valentine hamper for two filled with wine, recipes, nibbles and fresh ingredients to make two classic Tapas Room dishes, a dessert, bilingual recipes & instructions and of course the link to the live demo airing at 6pm on the 14th.

2.If you are unable to collect a hamper you can still register for the demo and receive the recipe and ingredients needed to join in or to cook in your own time.

The menu of the night will be: Confit fennel with pickled figs and picos blue cheese, duck breast with spiced squash puree and sherry membrillo, deli items, and a delicious Basque cheesecake

All details can be found on the Battersea Spanish booking page HERE

We hope you enjoy the experience, we need little things to look forward to and hope this brings a little light to you all.


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