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Spotlight on Producers : Celler de Capçanes & Altolandon

If you take a look at our By The Glass list, you'll notice the Oddities section and no doubt wonder what's so "odd" about these wines?

There's nothing odd about them at all! We have simply created this section to accommodate those wines that should by default fall into a broader category, but do not follow the convention. For example a wine that is technically a white, but tastes far from the norm due to its style is labelled as an "oddity" mainly to inspire conversation! We love to push to boundaries and encourage exploration of our lists. These are the two we currently have listed. We'd love to know what you think of them!

"What was brought to us through our heritage is brought to you through our wines"

"At Capçanes, here at the southern part of Priorat, our lands and people have a long history of winemaking, and how proud we are to be bottling it nowadays. Celler Capçanes was founded by a few families here back in 1933. Market needs changed and so did we. Later on we realised quantity and pooled resources was not enough and so we decided to grow even further. How far you ask?"

We've had a relationship with this Catalunya winery for many years. Those who remember our street food heritage, the Donostia Social Club Citroen H van, and then the shipping container restaurant in Pop Brixton, might recall our favourite wine on the list was always Celler de Capçanes' Mas Collet. Remaining on the Tapas Room list to this day, this blend of Garnacha Cabernet Sauvignon and Cariñena has been the most consistently listed bottle in our restaurants.

Contributing to the Oddities section is Celler de Capçanes' Cap Sentit Orange.

Orange wine made from 100% white garnacha grapes, undergoing an extended grape skin contact during its vinification, more usual in red wine making.

Intense golden colour with amber reflections. The nose is reminiscent of peach, apricot and ripe or bruised fruit notes. Unctuous mouth with light acidity and a generous body.

Due to its medium-full body and tannic structure, this orange wine is particularly versatile with charcuterie, cured or strong cheeses. Best served chilled.

Owner & winemaker, Rosalia Molina, makes organic wines in one of Spain's highest altitude wineries. Her mission is to make wines that express the typicality of DO Manchuela: the vineyard, the altitude and the varieties planted.

This is a climate on the edge of what is possible: at 1,100 metres above sea level, the grapes experience a large diurnal range that encourages even ripening and helps to retain natural acidity. Rosalia's vineyards are certified organic, she uses only natural fertilisers, promoting biodiversity by welcoming chickens, sheep and pigs from local farms to roam the vineyards freely. Grapes are hand harvested and vinified as naturally as possible with native yeasts and little other intervention. The wines are then aged in clay amphora and some in French oak to give texture and complexity.

On our Oddity list is their delicious orange wine "Enblanco"

Garnacha Blanca 50% Garnacha Gris 50%

A very pale orange pink colour, the nose is elegant with sweet aromas of stone fruits, mineral and anise, supported by apricot, mirabelle plum and citrus notes. Full and well rounded on the palate, with plenty of weight, yet still elegant, lively and light in body. Easy to drink.

So next time you visit us, don't be afraid to order from the Oddities section, you will be pleasantly surprised by these two stunning Orange wines.

Let us know what you think of them!


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