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International Sherry Week

8th - 14th October

If you are one of those people that associates Sherry with your great grandma, marzipan and Dot Cotton, then this is the week for you.Sherry, like Vermouth, has had a recent renaissance and is becoming the go to drink for an after dinner sharpener or a sophisticated aperitif. International Sherry Week is a global celebration of this often divisive tipple and is a great opportunity to deliberately explore the huge range and flavours it has to offer. See the full list of participating venues HERE to find something local to you. But obviously we are going to point you in the direction of The Tapas Room and its ever growing list of Sherries from super dry to Christmas pudding sweet, and everything in between.

Both our Deptford & Tooting sites will be celebrating in style with plenty for you to try.

TOOTING - Broadway Market SW17 0RJ

Tooting's manager Adrian, has developed an impressive list of Sherries and will be offering £10 flights so you can try any 3 from the list. He knows his stuff too, so you'll learn a lot from him throughout the week. See the Tooting Sherry list below. Make sure you try his S & T cocktail too!

Wednesday 10th will be #SherryWednesday in both sites where two of our suppliers will be in to showcase their choices for you to try.In Tooting we'll be joined by Daniel Redmond Roche of Moreno Wines who'll be presenting sherries from Bodegas Diez Merito the 19th Century winery from Jerez.

DEPTFORD - Market Yard SE8 4BX

Manager Maxwell will be getting into the spirit of Sherry Week by rustling up an damn delicious cocktail, the Oloroso Negroni. Trust us. It turns a regular Negroni on its head, spins it round and expects it to walk away in a straight line...Try it.Of course our usual, expansive sherry list will be there for you to try throughout the week too.

Wednesday 10th sees Jack.B.Wild of Boutinot Wines coming in to talk you though the list and no doubt have some surprises up his sleeve. That man always has a bottle of something interesting in his wheely bag. There's more to sherry than a small curvy glass! Make the most of Sherry Week!

Tooting's Sherry List
Oloroso Negroni @ Deptford Market Yard

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