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Where's Deptford again?

The amount of times we've been asked this is really quite surprising, a friend recently confessed that they thought it was in Kent, which to be fair it actually was back in the 19th Century. SE8 has become a recent discovery for many, even long term South Londoners didn't quite realise exactly where it is, or how easy it is to find. We hear surprised chirps of "gosh I can actually walk here from my flat", from newly local customers as they perch on our bar stools, merrily chugging down a couple of bottles of Verdejo and a plate of cheese, whilst settling in to their new environs.

Deptford was new for us too. The Tapas Room mark #1 is over in Tooting SW17, so heading east was unchartered territory. But what a territory it is! Deptford is a hive of deep rooted history and creativity, from Christopher Marlow to Danny Baker, The East India Company to Squeeze. There is an edgy, vibrant, often political atmosphere amongst the culturally diverse and joyfully vocal locals. But one thing resounds amongst them all. These are real, proper Londoners.

The recent listing in The Sunday Times' "Coolest Places to live in the UK" has turned the trend gaze Deptford's way, where that fragile balance of the dreaded "PG" for positive gentrification is constantly being challenged.

Since we opened The Tapas Room back in June this year, we've been welcomed with nothing but positivity, and we hope we've bought something special to this very special community. Our aim has always been to be entirely inclusive, to offer a product that is affordable and really really good, and to connect with the people and businesses around us.

New, creative businesses are popping up all over Deptford, just a walk down the High St will show you a range places to meet eat & drink. Isla Ray recently opened up offering an inviting combination of breakfasts brunches & evening food coupled with cocktails, DJ's & art!

Deptford Does Art provides gallery space for local artists, plus they make a damn fine spiced latte and not to mention Big John's Biltong Bar, a more local local you are unlikely to find, except this place serves up house made biltong to scoff down with your beer!

Along the stretch of arches that make up Deptford Market Yard, we are still considered relatively new kids on the block although our Yard "Family" has expanded recently to include AAJA, a record shop, bar and radio station, you can drink & dance while they are live streaming to the world! If you need to get your dancing shoes on, then check out KicksLove, London’s first independent female "sneakerhead" store.

We are always open to discuss collaborations with local businesses, or even offer our catering services for any outside events or open our doors for private parties. So we invite you to shout if you need us. In the meantime we'll just carry on doing what we know best, making really great tapas to eat with some equally great wine, with you lot as company.

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