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Vermut Vednesday

This week we are bring a whole new "Vermouth Vibe" to hump day. Forget Wine Wednesday, this week we are celebrating Vermut Vednesday! We have the pleasure of welcoming the Brand Ambassador of El Bandarra, red & white vermouths produced by Cavas Martí Serdà in Catalunya. 

This Wednesday you are welcome to join us from 7pm in Deptford Market Yard for a free tasting of El Bandarra along with some great suggestions for Vermouth based cocktails, which are so perfect for summer aperitivos.

Lets keep this summer going for a few more weeks!

"Cavas Martí Serdà has a lifetime's experience in the manufacture of wines and spirits, and featuring among its products in years gone by was this artisanal vermouth, which the winery is relaunching now and going back to the original recipe but enhancing it with a cheerful retro image, that's most distinctive and inspired by 50's-style advertising. A vermouth given a new look on the outside which captures the Mediterranean spirit and the ritual of camaraderie and sharing good times that always accompanies such a drink, a "cheeky little number" which will surely liven up aperitif-time on many outdoor occasions, especially in summer. The reason why... vermouth is all the rage!Made using a base of Macabeo and Xarel·lo from the winery's estates in the Alt Penedès, El Bandarra macerates more than 50 extracts of herbs, flowers, seeds and natural spices such as cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, liquorice, aniseed, chamomile, rosemary, bay leaf, hops, bitter orange... After the maceration, the process concludes with a period of refinement in oak barrels.A mahogany colour with orangey glints, it appears dense and very clean. Its liquorice aromas and citrus notes are predominant on the nose. Entry on the palate is smooth and sweet, with a good balance achieved between its sweetness and bitterness, delivering a lovely, light and persistent aftertaste. A very pleasurable drink indeed, which explains vermouth's rise in popularity and its success among younger consumers!"

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