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Spanish Wine Tastings

The Summer Sessions

This summer we will be welcoming four of our key suppliers to host a series of Spanish wine tastings. Making use of our larger venues in Battersea & Peckham this is the first time we have really had the space, and allowance, to host events such as this, so these are exciting times!

We are really looking forward to these evenings which promise to not only be hugely informative for any wine enthusiasts amongst you and demonstrate our passion for presenting the more unusual and lesser known wines from across Spain, it also offers an introduction to The Tapas Room itself for those who are yet to visit; our stunning new venue in Peckham and of course a discovery of our venue at the cultural learning centre Battersea Spanish, where you can learn about everything from Flamenco to Español!

We hope you enjoy these events which are ticketed to include a meat & cheese board, olives & almonds to nibble on while you learn about wine, with the session lasting up to 1hr.

Sounds good?

Follow the links below to the bookings page and please let us know if you’d like to book a table for after the tasting so you can continue to enjoy more wine & tapas. All the wines you try will be available to purchase on the night.


Book your tickets here:

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