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SHERRY WEEK IS HERE! Share(y) the excitement with us

Ah, sherry - we do love it. Here’s the Wikipedia definition: “a fortified wine made from white grapes that are grown near the city of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain.”

And then our definition: “Bloody lovely stuff that pairs beautifully with our tapas dishes and is usually under-appreciated or misunderstood as a drink, partly down to Bristol Cream or your nan at Christmas.”

However, we very much encourage you to keep an open mind when it comes to sherry, especially since…

4th - 10th is Sherry Week!

We have a variety of ways you can share in the sherry love at Taps + Tapas and both The Tapas Room Tooting and Deptford - starting with our very own sherry cocktails.

Jerez Tonic and Oloroso Negroni in DEPTFORD, and The Micaela Cocktail in TOOTING

The Jerez Tonic is a banging newbie - a combination of Fino Sherry, Cream Sherry, Dry Vermouth and Tonic - it's the perfect pre-dinner tipple. The Oloroso Negroni is a punchy and delicious cocktail combining Oloroso Sherry, Campari, Sweet Vermouth and London Dry Gin. Try both in The Tapas Room Deptford!

Meanwhile, in The Tapas Room Tooting, you can sip the Micaela Cocktail - Micaela Amontillado from Bodegas Baron topped up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water & a twist of orange zest. Delightful.

Intrigued? Want to know (ie taste) more? How about coming along and trying a tasting flight of three varieties of sherry.

THE TAPAS ROOM TOOTING: Tasting Flight of Single Vineyards for £7.50

Swing by and try these three single barrel, 2015 vintage, single vineyard Manzanilla sherries from Bodegas La Callejuela. The attraction of trying this trio is that they’ve been vinified separately but in exactly the same way, allowing us to study the effects of different soils (aka terroirs) on the wine.

Here’s a little run down of what you can expect:

1) Callejuela Vineyard

This first sherry is inoffensive and bright - not intrusive, it has a nice balance and a short finish. It’s a start the night sherry - ideal as an aperitif.

This soil is the most mixed, and the flavour is nutty with a hint of citrus.

Pair with: a bowl of almonds, or our Boquerones, Piquillo Peppers & Lemon Oil.

2) Anina Vineyard

Number two is a delightful sherry - the soil is 80% calcium, and the acidity has dropped loads for a smoother finish. See if you can taste the dried apricots amongst the chalkiness. Champagnes, Loire Valley wines and English sparkling have a higher chalk influence and this is similar.

Pair with: Scallops and sweeter seafood. Prawns with a drizzle of lemon, as long as they’re not too garlicky. On our menu, we also recommend Catalan Fuet (thin, dry cured, sausage of pork meat)

3) Macharnudo Vineyard

We consider number 3 the Grand Cru of sherries, and this is the one that’s mentioned the most. The soil is 50% calcium, and this is the most balanced sherry of the three. It is definitely fuller, with medium length and a subtle finish.

Pair with: Smoky flavours are great with the stronger flavour of this sherry - aubergine and smoked garlic. The earthy hints of truffle are good with this - try our Asparagus, Aubergine & Smoked Garlic Pate.

£7.50 for 3x 35ml


Tasting flight of three Bertola sherries for £7.50

We’ll be offering a different trio of sherries at Taps + Tapas - come and have a taste of these beauties:

1). Bertola Fino NV

Golden straw colour, pungent aromas of yeast & almonds from over 4 years of ageing in the Solera under ‘flor’, dry and pronounced on the palate.

Pair with: Boquerones, Baby Gem & Paprika Salt

2). Bertola Amontillado NV

With more than 12 years in Solera under both ‘flor’ and extended oxidative ageing, this Amontillado has turned a lovely amber colour, with aromas of vanilla & nuts, and a smooth, rounded body.

Pair with: Griddle Artichoke w/ Asturian Blue Cheese Sauce & Honey

3). Bertola Oloroso NV

Aged entirely oxidatively for over 12 years, the colour tips over into a light mahogany, richly nutty (particularly walnuts) aromas, and a full-bodied palate with balsamic notes, tobacco & dried fruits.

Pair with: Selection of Cheese

So there we are - PLENTY of opportunities to enjoy and investigate sherry with us! To make a booking for Taps + Tapas email us on, and for The Tapas Room Deptford or Tooting pop an email to Looking forward to getting merry on the sherry with you all!

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