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Celebrating the sherry wines of Bodegas Diez-Merito

Moreno wines, one of our long standing suppliers of exceptional Spanish wine, are keen to introduce sherry to as many as possible and dispel that myth that it's just for grannies and Dot Cotton.

To do this they are introducing a "flight and tapas" pairing celebration of Sherry from one of their key Jerez producers, Bodegas Diez-Merito with the following guidelines:

If it swims drink Fino

If it flies drink Amontillado

If it runs drink Olorosso

To demonstrate this theory The Tapas Room Deptford will be offering flights of 3 or 4 sherries for you to try and learn more about this underrated Jerez wine.

Bertola Fino .... if it swims

Bertola Amontillado .... if it flies

Bertola Oloroso .... if it runs

Bertola Pedro Ximénez .... if you have a sweet tooth

The Tapas Room will be running this flight and tapas pairing promotion throughout the summer.

Always worth booking in advance for these events via 0208 692 6614 or via Open Table

Moreno Wines say...

"why are we doing this?

In our never-ending quest to promote the best style of wine on the planet we are always looking for ways to introduce customers to incredible sherry. Wine flights and food pairings seem like the simplest way to achieve this.

Diez Merito’s range of sherries are amongst the very best having won a whole host of awards, so we want to encourage drinkers by giving them the option to try three different styles at a time."

The Tapas Room, Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX

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