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Deptford Craft Beer Feast Sun 26th

This Sunday heralds a day devoted to beer! Craft beer of course; hosted by Deptford's own Hop Stuff Brewery, the Market Yard will be filled with local and independent breweries, street food & music. Its a beer drinkers dream! Register here: Our own Tapas Room will be pushing our wines to the back for one day in order to make way for our favourite Basque brewers Mala Gissona. We will have their Apatxe APA on tap, served from the front of the restaurant 12pm-9pm. Make sure you give this fabulous beer a try, imported exclusively to London, by our own DSC Imports, its pretty damn special. You will also be able to take it home in refillable growlers.

APATXE means “the enemy”. It's a deep amber beer characterized by an intense citric aroma, with orange peel hints. Initial sweetness on mouth that precedes a pleasant bitterness enhancing this beer’s clean and fresh ending.

"Free soul. Warrior heart"

AMERICAN PALE ALEAPA (American Pale Ale) is an American interpretation of the classic English pale ale style. Characterized by fruity, flowery and/or citrus aromas, depending on the variety of American hops used. Medium to high bitterness, mild body and medium maltiness that may include a slight caramel touch.

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