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Catering In Catalunya

Reblog of The Box Tickers recent post about the weekend we spend catering, eating & drinking in Barcelona!

"Achieving a healthy work/life balance can be a real challenge. Especially when your work is never 9-5 and the life part is all wrapped up in the work part and those lines are so blurred! In hospitality, the “work hard play hard” ethic runs through our bones, it has to, otherwise it would all be work!

Working alongside Px at his restaurants and outside catering events is less of a work/life balance and more a case of “if Life had a baby with Work this is what it would look like”. I’m not complaining but it does take some stamina!

The last couple of weeks have been a prime example, in the midst of Px opening not one but two venues in consecutive weeks, we’ve also catered two weddings for our friends. The first being held locally in London, in the beautiful old Asylum chapel in Peckham. Remember that “Friends” wedding, the old church with all the candles? The Asylum is like that. Such romance! I was in floods the moment our friend Sarah walked down the aisle and don’t even get me started with when the kids sang “I’m a believer”. It was all too much for my apparently not so ice cold heart....."

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