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Bye Bye Battersea

It's with huge regret that we announce the closure of our wonderful restaurant in Battersea. As you know this venue has been intrinsically linked with the cultural hub, and language school, Battersea Spanish, with the majority of our customer base being students attending classes and events.

Sadly Battersea Spanish have encountered some irreconcilable financial difficulties and have been forced to close their doors this week. As they are our landlords, the knock on effect for us means that we too must close as the restaurant is untenable in this location without the presence of the school.

Battersea has been one of our most vibrant and indeed unusual venues in terms of location and the concept of working within a Spanish language school made a lot of sense. Unfortunately we must now move on albeit with some excellent memories.

The restaurant will remain open until July 29th so please do come and show your support during this time.

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