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Easter At Home!

As we begin to emerge blinking into the Springtime sunlight, we have two exciting pieces of news for you....!

April 4th Wine & Tapas At Home

Who joined us for our Valentines cook at home event last month? Our first time doing a live Zoom cook-a-long and the chefs loved it as much as you guys did!

As the feedback was so positive we are doing it all over again this time for Easter, as it looks like we will all still be at home by then. This event is April 4th with collections of the boxes and recipes from either Battersea or Deptford on the Saturday 3rd.

If you are unable to collect locally then you can still join in the Zoom event and we'll send you the ingredients to prepare beforehand.

You'll be joined by our Brixton super chef Stewart and our very own chef & owner of the Tapas Room, Paul Belcher. These two are turning in to quite the celebs these days! So do join in as you can learn a lot from these guys (about cooking obviously, although Stewy does play guitar too...)

Once again the brilliant Battersea Spanish will be hosting the event and you can buy your tickets and book your boxes HERE

Check out the menu below and we'll see you on the 4TH!

April Reopening

As you have no doubt heard we have a glimmer of hope on the April horizon! With outdoor dining being allowed once more. This means that we are able to open 3 of our sites, Battersea, Deptford & Brixton as they have terraces we can use. So this is great news and we can't wait to be busy once again serving you guys the the best Tapas and Wine and to be laughing with you once again!

The books for these sites are back open for reservations from April 12th.


We look forward to welcoming you back into our restaurants soon!

!Hasta pronto!

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